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"George Sorin Dinca leads what should be leading software developers at the heart of Silicon Valley. But they're here, and we should be grateful. As talented as any tech group in the modern world, Web3Box is on their third project for us, demonstrating exceptional knowledge, skill, flexibility and capability at every turn. Unlike other developers however, they delivered more than we expected each time, and did it ahead of schedule. Part of me wants to keep these boys my little secret, while the nicer part of me realizes they deserve success. I highly recommend them."
Kym Secrist
"One of the best web design firms I've worked with. I outsource ALL of my projects to their exceptionally talented team. They go above and beyond in terms of hours and quality. I've never had them complain that something was outside of the project scope or not possible - they're problem solvers and understand the big picture with complex websites, mobile applications, custom plugins, etc. Great team of experts and extremely friendly!"
Colton Joseph


Web3Box to build software for the auto industry

In Web3Box began a partnership with Quotible a software company that helps dealerships communicate better by creating connections with their customers. Web3Box developed the main Quotible functionality...

Acadaware Curriculum Management Module

Web3Box continues the development on the Acadaware platform with a new module that will Tracks and relates Universities department and course objectives to the accreditation expectations. Some...

Launch Simplifies Client Acquisition & Retention for Independent Stylists

Created to put the marketing and management power in the hands of stylists of all types a newly-launched app cuts to the chase. Targeted to beauty professionals...

Web3Box releases the Carmen's Beauty Supply mobile app

Web3Box Software released the Carmen's Beauty Supply mobile app for both iOS and Android. The app is available for mobiles and tablets. The mobile app we created...

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